Summer Safety

Summer is officially here! Most schools are on vacation, and the July 4th holiday is in just a couple of weeks.

Amidst this exciting time of year, safety can sometimes take a holiday, too, while the need for safety practices and opportunities is actually increasing.

Summer Safety Plan

Change in family routine might have children spending time at camps, with relatives, or on their own. For this period of frequent change, create a summer safety plan for your household. Make sure those who are responsible for your children know of their medical conditions and know what to do if an incident were to occur. If a child has reached an age to be out on their own, be sure you know how you would connect beyond, “We’ll text each other.” It is important to have a plan if mobile phones or networks are not working.

Vehicle Safety

For those taking a road trip, take the opportunity to do a vehicle safety inspection. Most safety maintenance does not take long and can typically be done following directions in the owner’s manual. Be sure your vehicle documentation is in order in the event you are formally asked, “May I please see your license, registration, and proof of insurance?”

Stay focused when driving and use technology responsibly when behind the wheel. Many point to distracted drivers as being part of the growing number of auto accident fatalities. If driving with family, especially youth still too young to drive, remember that you are constantly modeling driving behavior for those passengers. When driving long distances, remember to take breaks often to avoid fatigue, and never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Home Security

Consider what methods you have for home safety and security when you’re away. Having your neighbors look out for you increases overall neighborhood safety. If interested, many alarm companies run summer specials, pointing to the higher crime rates in summer.

For those having a “stay-cation” this summer, or perhaps saving their holiday for a different season, review and refresh any emergency plans and supplies you have in place. Knowing one’s neighbors is always encouraged, and summer is a great time to arrange for block parties and cookouts to bring people together.

The daily practice of personal summer safety runs the gamut from sunblock and helmets  to sunblock and aqua socks, depending upon your activity. (The sunblock is consistent throughout!) Recognize the risk in any activity and prepare appropriately. Planning for summer with safety in mind and practice will allow you to enjoy the season even more.

Now, get out there and have some fun!


Dan Dworkin, Director of Infrastructure and Assessment