Every school community is focused on educating and enriching the lives of their students. School leadership also has an inherent responsibility to create a safe and secure environment for the student population. Joffe created a school security program so that schools can focus on educating while we handle the protection and security of the campus community.

Joffe Security personnel receive best-in-class training and are uniquely positioned to become an integral part of your campus community. In addition to typical guard services like patrolling, Entry/Exit Management and Traffic Control, guards are also trained in emergency response, event management, reception relief, communications, and any additional services that create a safer and stronger community.



Joffe provides traditional security services with a focus on creating the safest environment for all community members.  Our guard services provide entry and exit management, secure the perimeters of your campus, business, or event, assist with traffic safety, and monitor security equipment.  We also offer emergency notification services to complement the effective timing and process of communicating with your key constituents.  All guards are insured and bonded and have undergone extensive background checks so they are the right fit for your community.




As one of the “first faces” your community members interact with, Joffe’s guards are focused on making sure every interaction is a positive reflection of your community. Joffe Security personnel receive extensive professional development specific to working with student populations. They are committed to serving as positive adult role models in your community. With additional training in CPR, First Aid, Emergency Response, and recognizing challenges every child faces, our guards can serve as an additional resource for your community. All guards are insured and bonded and have undergone extensive background checks to ensure they are the right fit for your community.



Our Intuitive Client Management Interface allows scheduling flexibility and dynamic adjustment.  We offer a client management portal that is mobile friendly and accessible 24/7, no matter where you are.  In addition, all our guards have mobile devices enabling quick communication and the ability to file reports on-the-spot. Have a need for after hours event?  Need scheduling flexibility?  Yeah, we can do that.