August 10, 2016

School Safety Practices

What is School Safety Practices?

School Safety Practices is a year-long series of webinars covering a variety of safety-related topics. These 30-minute bimonthly sessions allow you to execute safety measures for your school with a minimal time commitment.
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Our scheduling will reflect the needs of our clients, and the amount of sessions offered will grow with our audience. If you are ever unable to attend a session, the recorded version will be provided.

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Our webinar hosts have been working with schools for nearly ten years, providing training, equipment, staffing, and optimal practices to make schools and their communities safer.


Participate through optional pre-meeting surveys, live-time polls, and short Q&A. You'll also be invited to complete an optional task after each session. When completed, these small takeaways can have a significant impact on your school's safety.

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