Joffe Emergency services has everything necessary to keep your school safe in the unfortunate event of an emergency.  From ongoing consultation and leadership to support and review of existing plans and procedures.

The ESSENTIALS PROGRAM is a comprehensive overview and complete implementation of your entire safety program.  This level gives you peace of mind that all your safety needs are met.  Learn More.

The VITALS PROGRAM places an emphasis on the planning and training necessary to implement the right actions during an emergency
situation.  Learn More.

The PRIME PROGRAM is a basic package that covers all of your emergency drills, schedules, and consultations.  Learn More.

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First Aid and CPR powered by GetCPR Done to ensure the health and safety of everyone in your organization.  Learn more.

Our HEALTH AIDE PROGRAM is designed to help manage your school’s health program.  Learn more. 

Joffe's School Assessment Program is an extensive review of the existing policies and protocols concerning safety and emergency preparedness.  Learn more.

Joffe developed a SCHOOL SECURITY PROGRAM so that schools can focus on educating while we handle the protection and security of the campus community.  Learn more. 


A well-developed CONTINUITY PLAN allows your school to continue functioning through any disaster or emergency situation.  Learn more.