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School Safety Programs

Everything your school needs to remain safe from one-on-one consulting and program improvement to full-time health aides. We even offer CPR/First Aid training and full time security guards.

Event Safety Programs

We provide incident command training, accredited medical experts, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), licensed paramedics, registered nurses (RNs), or licensed physicians. No event is too small or too big.

Business Safety Programs

We’ve transformed the process for creating a continuity plan from a mess of thousands of spreadsheets to a sleek, streamlined, 21st Century-esque approach. We can also protect your business events.

“Partnering with Joffe Emergency Services has allowed our Administration to be champions of emergency preparedness. Our faculty and students know that in an emergency, we are well equipped to handle any situation and our training with Joffe has ensured that our safety protocols are aligned with our community’s best practices.”
— Diane Isola, CFO, Crystal Springs Upland School