August 10, 2016

About Us

Who is Joffe Emergency Services?

Joffe Emergency Services has helped protect over two million lives since 2007. Founded on the belief that people can save lives through education and training, Joffe has become the leader in business continuity, event safety, and disaster preparedness.

As a family-owned business, we understand how powerful personal interaction can quickly change the course of a life. We strive to empower others to be prepared and have the knowledge to help another during an emergency situation.

Our strong commitment to excellence has given us the edge in technology, resources, and partnerships to provide the best possible solutions to you in any emergency situation that may arise. Partnering with Joffe Emergency Services gives you access to unparalleled skills, support, and customer service for your business or organization.

We're fully dedicated to empowering organizations to build safer communities.

Letter From Chris Joffe

At Joffe Emergency Services, our mission is to shape and improve school, business, and event safety. We believe safety should be fun, empowering, and transformative. By staying true to our mission, we’ve helped protect millions of lives since 2007.

Each interaction you have with preparedness should be matched with a deeper investment and a more powerful understanding. That’s why we’re in the business of professionalizing the field of emergency and disaster education. When communities we’ve engaged with understand the underlying concepts without fear or apprehension, we believe we’ve succeeded. Every successful training, drill, or life saved is cause for celebration, and every challenge is an opportunity.

Our strong commitment to excellence has given us the edge in technology, resources, and partnerships, providing the best possible solutions to our clients for any emergency situation that may arise. Responding to the very emergencies we train our communities to prevent allows us incredibly authentic real-world scenarios and a unique ability to understand our communities’ culture.

In addition, we offer clients several levels of preparedness with our vitals and essentials plans, as well as an online webinar series alternative. Products such as emergency food and water, lockdown kits, and AEDs are available to order.

As we continue this conversation, we hope to specify what will become our shared vision for this work. As always, thank you for your time, energy, and willingness to participate in creating a safer world.

Chris Joffe
Chief Executive Officer

Chris Joffe

Meet the Team

Sandy Bodnar
National Director of Operations
(310) 525-6333 ext. 201 

Sandy comes from a law enforcement background of 20 years. She manages the regional response managers for school and business safety and coordinates event safety EMTs. She had the opportunity to play on an all-star basketball team from Orange County that traveled and competed in Russia and Finland.

Chris Joffe
Chief Executive Officer
(310) 525-6333 ext. 203 

Chris has helped protect millions of lives since 2007. Based on the belief that people have the power to save lives through education and training, Chris has built Joffe Emergency Services to become the leader in life-saving training, event safety, and disaster preparedness. Chris has flown commercial so much that he's becoming a pilot now. Seriously. Ask him for a ride somewhere.

Jack O'Laughlin
Interim Human Resources Director
(310) 525-6333 ext. 225

Jack has 20 years of experience in human capital management with nationally recognized success in the programs he helped build.  At Joffe, Jack aims to foster progressive employment practices that ensure high employee engagement and mission fulfillment. Jack has climbed Mt. Fuji in Japan twice but claims that the hillside in his backyard is harder to conquer!

Zach Menzer
Director of Business Development
(310) 525-6333 ext. 203

Zach Menzer arrives at Joffe after spending over 15 years in education working as a teacher and school administrator.  Zach has worked with public, charter, and independent schools, making school safety a priority at every level.  As the director of business development, one of Zach’s primary responsibilities is to know Joffe’s clients and increase the number of organizations Joffe empowers on a daily basis.  Zach is a 200+ average league bowler and competes in the annual United States Bowling Open Championships.

Andrew Barrett-Weiss
Campus Safety Office Manager Manager
(310) 525-6333

With more than ten years leading organizational operations and culture, Andrew has had extensive experience with emergency planning, communication, and protocols to ensure safe communities. Andrew helps schools and businesses develop organizational capacity to manage new situations and the sills to address any situation a community may encounter with a process-oriented approach.



Dan Dworkin
Director of Infrastructure and Assessment
(310) 525-6333 ext. 222 

Dan comes to Joffe after 20 years in education, where he worked as a teacher and administrator in humanities, media literacy, technology, and school safety. Dan’s favorite word is penultimate, and he has been known for a love of freestyle songwriting and music of all types.

Ronald Van Fullove, II ATC
Event Safety Manager
(310) 525-6333 ext. 216 

Ronnie is responsible for working and hiring emergency medical, security, and in many cases, lifeguard staff for multiple events throughout the year. He has been a part of the healthcare field since 2008 as an athletic training student. He became a full AT in 2012 and worked in multiple environments, from physical therapy and chiropractic clinics doing rehabilitation to standby and emergency services events. Before all of this, Ronnie was a cake decorator for Cold Stone Creamery and he continues to bake and decorate for fun.

Will Brown
Regional Response Manager
(310) 525-6333 ext. 213

As a Joffe regional response manager, Will provides planning services that mitigate dangerous situations in order to protect lives. He has a degree in history and loves to cook, favoring recipes from the 18th century.

Andrew Fonseca
Regional Response Manager
(310) 525-6333 ext. 224

After years of work at a variety of Orange County schools, Andrew is excited to serve Joffe’s Los Angeles clients and be an aide in any emergency services. He believes that the opportunity to work with schools and other organizations that are welcoming to safety services is a blessing. With his collegiate volleyball career in the past, he still finds the time to play, coach, and watch indoor/beach volleyball whenever given the opportunity.

Patrick Rosca
Regional Response Manager
(310) 525-6333 ext. 215

Patrick joined the Joffe team to help manage emergency response initiatives in the Bay Area.  Working alongside military personnel around the globe has helped shape his commitment to being of service to others.  Patrick’s daily life struggle is tiring out his dog, a Vizsla named Chugo.

What We Provide

On the right is a training video hosted by CEO Chris Joffe. We think it accurately represents our teaching style and what Joffe Emergency Services can bring to your organization. Consider it an official preview of what's to come!